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Désormais quand un notaire "fait une succession" il doit informer la mairie ayant établi l'acte de décès Celle-ci reçoit alors de sa part un avis l'informant qu'il a fait un "acte de notoriété" Elle doit alors 1) le mentionner en marge de l'acte de décès et 2) établir un avis de mention pour la commune où a été transcrit l'acte de décès (si tel est le cas) qui doit alors le mentionner elle aussi en marge de la transcription et envoyer un avis d'appostion de mention au TGI J'ai un modèle de chaque cas soit 1/ un acte de transcription où j'ai dû faire apposer la [suite...]

Date: 2008-07-10 14:36:00

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Le comportement du notaire peut l'empêcher de recevoir des émoluments.

David Taté Juridique Blog, droit, juridique, social, travail, affaires, sociétés, fiscal, marques, entreprises, immobilier Le comportement du notaire peut l’empêcher de recevoir des émoluments. 1er juillet 2009 Lorsque le notaire n’a pas été mandaté pour l’établissement d’un acte de partage et lorsqu’un acte de déclaration de succession est devenu inutile par sa faute il ne peut recevoir des émoluments. Il résulte d’un arrêt rendu le 9 avril par la Cour de cassation que lorsque le notaire n’a pas été mandaté pour l’établissement d’un acte de partage et [suite...]

Date: 2009-07-01 19:29:20

Déclaration de succession

Alors dans ce cas, le tribunal désignera le plus souvent un avocat, appelé alors curateur à succession vacante, qui sera chargé de rédiger et de déposer lui-même la déclaration de succession. Il faut déposer la déclaration de succession au bureau de l’enregistrement compétent pour la commune ou la ville où était situé le dernier domicile du défunt. Acte de décès, déclaration du décèsL’acte de notoriété, et le certificat d’héréditéPermis d’inhumerLe testamentL’embaumement Skierkowski dit: Mon père est décédé récemment ; il n’a aucun patrimoine ni [suite...]

Date: 2009-07-06 11:20:21

conseil juridique concernant la succession + acte de notoriété

conseil juridique concernant la succession + acte de notoriété Bonjour, conseil juridique je dois prochainement me rendre chez un notaire dans le cadre d’une succession en indivision<. L’acte de notoriété a signé stipule une renonciation au droit d’inventaire. ai-je le droit de ne pas le signer en l’état même si deux des quatres concernés l’on préalablement signé ???? merci de me répondre par des conseils juridiques !! Mots-clefs : conseil juridique, notaire, succession Cet article a été publié le Mercredi 15 septembre 2010 à 12 h 39 min et est classé dans [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-15 12:39:49

Author! Author! » Blog Archive » Synopsispalooza, Part XVIII: the ...

All aglow with excitement, writers of multiple-protagonist novels? I sincerely hope so, because last time, we whiled away an autumn Sunday evening discussing an array of strategies for folding spindling mutilating gently compressing a work of literature told from several distinct points of view — or by several different narrators — into (gusty sigh) the 1-page synopsis that so many agency guidelines and contest rules seem to be requiring these days. And what did the golden rule of not driving yourself crazy in a valiant attempt to squish 400 pages of narrative told from 8 perspectives [suite...]

Date: 2010-10-19 03:46:12

Et tu, Mr. Destructo?: MLB Playoffs: Rangers/Yankees ALCS Game 3

Basically, the Yankees thought they had a deal; it wasn't in writing; it wasn't finalized; the Rangers made a better one; the Yankees were left out. But this wasn't right, and we should be angry, and if you'd been reading message boards that day, Yankees fans would have told you that much. The Yankees had the right to have their rotation go from strong to unbeatable, from nonpareil to ludicrous. Aside from the Boston Red Sox, the 29 other teams in the league exist to serve as farm systems for the New York Yankees. Their job is to find great new players, train them, demonstrate their [suite...]

Date: 2010-10-19 09:20:00

Koldtbord With Ketchup (and Beans) | Basket of Kisses

The blog that learned a long time ago to not get all its satisfaction from this job. Koldtbord Your mama is sooooo ugly that she joined an ugly contest and was told, sorry, no professionals! Demetrius: “Villain, what hast thou done?” Aaron: “That which thou canst not undo.” Chiron: “Thou hast undone our mother.” Aaron: “Villain, I have done thy mother.” ~William Shakespeare I Bet I Could Get a Date With Your Mother Right Now. ~Heinz Guy You don’t talk about someone’s mother, not that the Heinz guy quite did that, but his comment made it clear he knew how desperate [suite...]

Date: 2010-10-14 01:18:46

Skvot-Pop: Nobel prize for literature goes to Mario Vargas Llosa

He eloped with his aunt by marriage, Julia Urquidi, in 1955, when he was 19 and she 32, a development saluted by his father as a "virile act". He moved to Paris in 1959 and from there to London and Barcelona, working as a Spanish teacher, broadcaster and journalist and as a visiting professor in universities in Europe and America, before returning to Peru in 1975. He returned to his homeland in fiction far earlier, however. The Leoncio Prado military academy where he went to school inspired The Time of the Hero, the novel that made his name. A vibrant, violent evocation of Peruvian society [suite...]

Date: 2010-10-07 22:01:00


Inheritance submissions must be received within one year of the death of the deceased by a sworn notary who is practising in the operational territory of the regional court in the last place of residence of the estate-leaver. If this place is not known, or if the deceased died outside Latvia, then the submission must be received by a sworn notary in the location of the estate, or the principal share of the estate. The submitter must indicate the name of the estate-leaver, his/her date of death and last place of residence, but if this is not known, the location of the estate or the principal [suite...]

Date: 2010-01-24 12:41:37

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review - CPUGamer: PC Gaming

Perks like the notorious Martyrdom have been sorted under Deathstreaks, which are perks that are activated if you die enough times in a row. The same goes for the Modern Warfare perk, Juggernaut, which is now a Deathstreak that buffs your health for 10 seconds. XP has also been scaled, so that you get experience in 50s and 100s at a time for a kill, making rewards more delicious, even if it’s just a perception thing. Bonus XP are also doled out for doing that little extra, like taking out a guy before he reaches his Killstreak or for finally getting out of your dismal Deathstreak. These are [suite...]

Date: 2009-11-30 05:06:35

Acadiana Notary: Louisiana Notaries - often misunderstood

Notaries are not allowed to give "legal" advice, but they are allowed to give "notarial" advice - i.e., explain or recommend what documents are needed or required to perform a certain act - and do all things necessary or incidental to the performance of their civil law notarial duties. They can prepare any document a civil law notary can prepare (to include inventories, appraisements, partitions, wills, protests, matrimonial contracts, conveyances, and, generally, all contracts and instruments in writing) and, if ordered or requested to by a judge, prepare certain notarial legal documents, in [suite...]

Date: 2010-04-08 17:39:00

Schneier on Security: Notary Fraud

A blog covering security and security technology. « Erasable Ink Scam | Main | Photo ID Required for Pancakes » November 29, 2006 Many countries have the concept of a "notary public." Their training and authority varies from country to country; in the United States, their primary role is to witness the signature of legal documents. Many important legal documents require notarization in addition to a signature, primarily as a security device. When I get a document notarized, I present my photo ID to a notary public. Generally, I go to my local bank, where many of the employees are notary [suite...]

Date: 2006-11-29 13:19:11

New BP CEO's Tough Communication Tasks Ahead - Stefan Stern - The ...

At least Dudley has an easy act to follow, cynics will say. But such an unequivocal verdict on his predecessor would be too harsh. Nearly six months on from the explosion which led to disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, what can we say for certain about Tony Hayward's (and BP's) mistakes? One over-used word sums up their problems: communication. There was inadequate communication between BP and its contractors, between employees on the Deepwater Horizon rig, and between the company and the US public. A crisis is a bad time to test relationships that rest on shaky foundations. And being seen as [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-30 12:37:25

Oh No They Didn't! - The 26 career highs (and lows) of Miss ...

A ''Glee''-ful night in prime time put pop queen back on her throne; dig back through the years for a refresher on what she went through to get here GLEEFUL INSPIRATION The pop star got the Glee treatment with the cast re-creating some of her most iconic videos and looks, as well as putting their own Glee-spin on songs like ''Toxic'' and ''Stronger.'' Spears herself made a few fleeting appearances, most amusingly trying to sell the idea of ranch dressing on pizza to the kids. THRICE AS NICE Those who thought Spears' golden touch had tarnished were proven wrong when electro-pop smash [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-29 20:00:47

Rielle Hunter, Amy Fisher, Camilla Parker, Lady Hamilton: wOw's ...

Here we cherry-picked 20 of the most notorious mistresses of all times, with special commentary from Gossip Girl Liz Smith, financial columnist Jean Chatzky and Sesame Street founder Joan Ganz Cooney. And let’s not be so judgmental. As Liz puts it, “Listen, women have had to use all that they have to survive and get ahead in a world where history often casts them as some powerful man’s fancy.” Are we missing a notorious mistress? Click here for more from the wOw women and our community on the most notorious mistresses. What I really despise about Prince Charles is that he was having [suite...]

Date: 2010-01-29 16:00:00

Stage Noise with Diana Simmonds - Review - MURDERERS

Nancye Hayes follows as Lucy Stickler, one of Riddle Cay's nicer residents who tells of the arrival of an old girlfriend who once had an affair with her husband and is a notorious man-eater. What Lucy decides to do is no secret, given she's already announced she is a murderer; how she accomplishes it is another matter and again, you'll never guess. Sydenham and Hayes are star turns in any company, but it must be said that Zoé Carides is the final act and the showstealer. She is such an under-rated and under-used actor and it's a delight to see her strutting her stuff in such style (so soon [suite...]

Date: 2010-10-10 23:14:34

The Social Network: Who Needs Friends? - Page 1 - Film+TV - Los ...

The depositions prompt a succession of clumsy chronological, legally approved flashbacks: Zuckerberg leaves Harvard for New York and then, under the Mephistophelian influence of Napster founder Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake), Palo Alto. ... Now we're going to live on the Internet" — and is even credited with giving Zuckerberg the idea for his notorious business card ("I'm CEO ... bitch"). Parker confesses that, back when he was a high school hacker, he invented Napster [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-30 07:00:00

The Real Hustle Does Las Vegas S1E5 1/3 ...

A team of hustlers – Alexis Conran, Paul Wilson and Jessica Clement – try out notorious scams on members of the public in the most security-conscious city in the world, Las Vegas. – Brought To You By www.Tv-Downloads.orgA team of hustlers – Alexis Conran, Paul Wilson and Jessica Clement – try out notorious scams on members of the public in the most security-conscious city in the world, Las Vegas. – Brought To You By [suite...]

Date: 2010-10-12 22:56:00

Comment débloquer l'argent après un décès ?

Le 18 septembre 2010 à 15 h 17 min par Clair de Notaire Rubrique : Démarches Lorsqu’un établissement bancaire a connaissance d’un décès, il procède au blocage de tous les comptes et placements financiers ouverts au nom du défunt. Les comptes et placements au seul nom du conjoint survivant et les comptes joints continuent à fonctionner et ne sont pas bloqués par les banques. Lorsque les fonds bloqués sont inférieurs à 5.335 euros : Les héritiers peuvent se rendre en mairie afin d’établir un certificat d’hérédité permettant de débloquer l’argent. Certaines mairies [suite...]

Date: 2010-09-18 13:17:57

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